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Attorney Translation Services 

World-class legal and technical translation solutions  since 2003


Legal Translation

From single-page documents to large-scale litigation support, our attorney and subject matter specialist translators are available to meet your requirements in all major languages.

Litigation Support

ATS  is the international industry leader in litigation language support trusted by law firms and corporate counsel for delivering results.  Our bilingual attorneys  and subject matter experts are available to assist your team at all stages of simple or complex cross-border litigation. 


Our carefully prescreened and vetted professional interpreters are available around the world to serve all your interpreting needs in-person or at your location or virtually. 

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About Us

Using ATS for legal, business, financial or technical translation and interpretation in all major languages is fast, simple and secure. Accuracy, professionalism and confidentiality are our commitments to you. With a single point of contact, we handle all of your legal language service requirements.

ATS was founded with the vision of providing highly accurate and reliable translations by attorneys for attorneys.  In over 60 languages, we have successfully serviced thousands of global clients from law firms, corporations, NGOs, non-profits, government agencies, academic institutions and individuals with small, medium and large requests.  

Contact us today to learn more how we can serve all your legal and technical language requirements with just one point of contact.  Fast, flexible, and reliable customer service set us apart from others. Contact us now to learn more and get started. 




“Many thanks for your assistance. We have been using ATS exclusively for our Spanish translation requirements because of your attention to detail and cooperation on these short turnarounds.”


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our guarantee

Our Guarantee

Reviewing the Laws


A commitment to accuracy is the foundation of our practice. It begins with the way we select and manage our professionals. All our legal translators are experienced
members of the bar; all our technical translators are subject matter experts. Our unique project management process reinforces this emphasis on quality. Every project is first translated, and then edited, by separate attorneys; it then undergoes a rigorous series of quality assurance checks before being delivered to you.

Law Books


As experienced attorneys, we have aligned ATS with your thinking and mode of practice. From multinational
litigation matters with millions of dollars at stake to a single-page licensing contract, we treat every project with the same professionalism and care you do. This commitment ranges from operational procedures such as adopting your client and matter numbers, document management codes and Bates numbers – to the more subtle points of understanding the trajectory that a complex litigation or patent filing can take. We also serve as outsourced document managers when the expertise required exceeds your own capacity.

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Clients entrust sensitive matters to us because they know we will treat them with the highest degree of confidentiality. At each step in the translation process, documents are handled only by individuals who are
authorized to know their contents. We deal regularly with evidence placed under court seal, matters subject to attorney-client privilege, and policy papers prepared for senior government officials.

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