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Attorney Translation Services Announces
Global Law Firm Awards

With growing trade deficits many U.S. law firms fail to compete on-line

U.S international trade in 2004 topped $2.8 trillion, yet most large U.S. law firms have little or no foreign language content on their websites. Even firms with offices overseas often fail to offer foreign language content on their websites. To recognize U.S. law firms that are effectively marketing in the global economy, Attorney Translations Service, LLC has created the Global Law Firm Awards ™. On March 15, 2005, 11 U.S. law firms will receive awards for having the best website and marketing content in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, and one will win the top prize, The 2005 Global Law Firm Award™.

ATS President, Wheatleigh Dunham, said that "U.S. laws firms have a golden opportunity to capitalize on the growth of international trade and we want to recognize those that are competing globally." Mr. Dunham, who regularly works with bilingual attorneys at U.S. law firms, notes that too often their talents hidden. He pointed out that, "with Google now available in 97 languages and with half its traffic coming from outside the United States, law firms lacking foreign language content are losing business opportunities."

Law firm websites will be judged by a panel of bilingual attorneys on the basis of:

  • Overall content
  • Relevance to the target audience
  • Use of language
  • Ease of navigation, appearance and prominence of the foreign language
Anyone can nominate a firm for by going to or emailing with the firm name, website URL and language(s) nominated. Applicants will receive a return email confirmation.

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    Wheatleigh Dunham, President, Attorney Translations Services, LLC, 203-637-4628,

    Mark Pruner, President, Web Counsel, LLC 203-969-7900,




The Global Law Firm Awards are sponsored by:

Contest Objectives

The objective of this contest is to encourage more US law firms to compete globally by recognizing law firms that do the best job in using foreign language(s) on their websites. Awards will be made to 11 law firms who have the best content, relevancy, accuracy, appearance and navigation in each of our 10 selected languages and 1 grand prize winner.

Participant Eligibility

This Contest is open to law firms located in the United States of America that have a website.

Contest Structure

Contest entries will be accepted until February 28, 2005. Anyone can nominate a law firm and an individual can nominate more than one law firm. Contestants can compete in every language in which they have material in that language on their website. Nominations are submitted by emailing with the law firm name, law firm website address (URL) and languages on the site.

All entries will be reviewed by a panel of bilingual attorneys with experience in each of the languages. In addition, the panel will include a law firm marketing expert and web designer to advise the judges.

Contestants are eligible to only win in one category. For contestants that enter in multiple categories, the sponsor will make a decision as to what language is best represented for the contest.


Awards will be announced via press release and posting on-line at the Attorney Translation Services website at 1 pm on Tuesday, March 15, 2005. Winners will notified at the same time by email. Winners will receive a certificate and are entitled to display the appropriate Global Law Firm Award image on their website.


The panel of judges will consist of multilingual attorneys from one or more countries where the language is spoken. The criteria for judging the websites and their relative weighting are as follows:

* Content - 30%

  • How well does the content market the firm and its services to the target language audience. Such content includes not only firm, practice and attorney descriptions, but also newsletters, articles, news sites, and blogs. Material linked to, but appearing on websites of other organizations not affiliated with the law firms is not included.
  • Content scope and quality. Higher scores will be awarded to customized content rather than volume of general material.

* Relevance - 30%

  • Is the content relevant to the target audience?
  • Are the topics of interest to the target audience?
  • Is the material timely and current?

* Correct Usage - 25%

  • Does the content use proper phrasing and does it read smoothly for a native speaker?
  • Is the content grammatically correct?
  • Are words spelled correctly with proper accent marks and punctuation for the foreign language?

* Website factors - 15%

  • Does the English website display links to foreign language sections or websites prominently and in all appropriate places?
  • Is the foreign language content easy to navigate?
  • Is the website well designed and attractive as viewed by the foreign audience?

Submission Requirements

* */February 28, 2005/ - Contest Entry Deadline*

    Contest entries will consist of the law firm name, law firm web address(es) (URL), and languages emailed to Entry will be confirmed by return email.

* */March 15, 2005/ Announcement of Award Winners

Intellectual Property

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